10 Essentials You Should Have At Home When Expecting

January 22, 2021 1 Comment

Mom and Baby With Yumi Baby Clothing

Marijke and I thought it would be nice to share the items that helped us during our first months of motherhood. We did not include the big items like a stroller, crib, car seat and instead focused on items that you might not think about right away.

I highly recommend preparing as much as you can before your due date. Don’t wait till the week before you’re due, instead give yourself a few months buffer. The last thing you want to be doing just before you deliver is running around buying stuff. Instead, you’ll want to be relaxed and confident that you’re all set for the next chapter in your life. 

Full disclaimer, of course we are slightly biased towards Yumi Baby but we tried to keep it real and think about items that really helped us. Every mom has their own unique tips – please share yours in the comments section! 

  1. Muslin swaddles! Marijke and I used them for nearly everything. During feeding time, as burping cloths, after bath time as soft towel, or a changing pad cover and even in the bed and stroller! You’ll never have too many of these. Yumi Baby has a selection of organic swaddles in two sizes, 80x80 which is perfect for cribs, strollers and as burping cloth.  While our XL size 120x120, is great to use as a wrap or dry your baby after bath time and a good solution if your baby has ‘bigger’ burps.
  2. Make sure to stock up on “Kraamverband” maternity bandages. You will likely use lots after you deliver and go through it quicker than you think. Take it from me, better too much than too little. 
  3. Loose-fitting underwear – you might be laughing at this one, but it’s function over style here. Right after you deliver, you might need the extra space when using the maternity bandages.  I thought I’d be okay but ended up stealing my boyfriend’s boxers. The best solution are especially designed underpants that seal everything off.
  4. Have a bunch of bodysuits and onesies ready to go – make sure they are soft and comfortable so your baby is comfy! We recommend having a look at our bodysuit page for some great styles made with extra-soft cotton!
  5. The Snuggle Me Lounger is the closest you’ll get to having an extra set of arms! When your baby is laid on top of the Snuggle Me, the sides gently pull in to create a cozy spot and give the sensation of a hug. So your hands are free for your other kids, chores or some well-deserved you time! I love this product.
  6. A CoSleeper, this a great solution if you want to keep your baby as close as possible to you. I really loved this for the first few weeks after birth.
  7. Enough bedding, you will use sheets and blankets in your crib/CoSleeper, stroller and perhaps you’ll have an additional crib or bassinette in your living room. I Highly recommend to have all of these ready to go without having to take sheets from one to other.  Also good to have a spare set so you’re not constantly washing – like I said before better too much than not enough. 
  8. Lastly, a personal favourite: YOUTUBE! YouTube is a gem to help your baby relax – look up White Noise as this sound corresponds to what your baby is used to in the womb and is very soothing to a newborn.  It can even help put your baby to sleep, I used it with mine during the first few months and it did wonders!
  9. Diapers - we said we’d get real with you. Here it is, babies poop … a lot; the average baby goes through 5,000 diapers! Many parents struggle with the idea of cloth diapers vs. disposable diapers. It’s a tough choice as cloth are more environmentally friendly but cost time to wash (water, electricity, laundry detergent) and dry. Perhaps the best choice are eco-friendly disposable diapers. My personal tip don’t buy too many in one size at the start, first check to see how they’ll fit on your baby. As well, keep in mind that babies grow quickly so they might grow out of the initial size and you’ll be stuck with a bunch of diapers.
  10. Diaper Pail - What do you do with this never-ending stream of steamy diapers? You thrash them… but forget about using a regular trashcan, as that will get very stinky. A proper diaper pail is essential; ideally, one that can use regular garbage bags and is hands-free.

Good Luck!

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February 26, 2021

Goede tips! De sexy netbroekjes ook niet vergeten! Begrijp net dat je ze kan kopen, maar het ziekenhuis heeft de kasten vol ;)… of mag dit niet ?

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