5 Tips To Help You and Your Baby Sleep Better

December 22, 2020 2 Comments

5 tips to help your baby sleep better

New parents often struggle to get a good night’s rest as their baby has different ideas on when to sleep. Luckily there are many ways you can help your baby (and yourself!) sleep through the night. We spoke with Berber a baby & kids coach and infant sleep expert who gave us some pro-tips.

  1. Develop a routine
    • This is one that everyone agrees on. Your baby's routine can be any combination of regular bedtime activities. But remember to keep the activities similar and in the same order every night.
    • It’s important to note that newborns have no regard for day or night and they are always hungry. During the first 2 months it might be difficult to create a really good schedule as they’ll want to feed every few hours but from 4 months on a routine can do wonders.
  2. The right bedding
    • You sleep better on soft comfortable sheets – the same holds true for your baby. Splurging a little on nice bedding can pay huge dividends in the sleep department!
    • Berber recommends using natural fibers that provide ample circulation ensuring your baby is not too warm or cold.
    • Using a swaddle for a newborn and a sleeping bag after a few months, will ensure that your baby doesn’t kick the blankets off during their sleep and as a result gets cold and begins to cry.
  3. Set the ambiance
    • Think of your own bedroom, when do you sleep best? For most of us, it’s in a tidy, peaceful and calm setting.
    • Same goes for your baby. Make sure the nursery is an oasis of peace and calm. Reduce the number of toys and stuffed animals in their bed, these are all distractions and create a busy environment. Look for sheets with calming serine prints, decorate the room to give an air of calm.
    • Step it up a notch by using Lavender aroma therapy - make sure it’s the real thing and not synthetic!
  4. No Screens
    • This one should be a no brainer but keep the screens away – the same goes for the parent! Many studies have shown that using your mobile or tablet in bed can seriously impact the quality of your sleep. Start good habits from birth!
  5. Night time; mirrors daytime
    • Remember that daytime mirrors nighttime – if the day is full of excitement and different routines, 9 out of 10 times so will the evening.

We hope these tips are helpful and let you enjoy a few extra hours of sleep!  If you want to learn more there are many baby sleep coaches who can tailor a personal plan and be sure to take a look at our bedding page where we have a wide selection of super soft, high quality all natural sheets, blankets, swaddles and sleeping bags

Sweet dreams!

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    January 27, 2021

    Onze dochter sliep in het eerste jaar ook niet al te best. Overdag wel maar de nachten waren slopend voor ons als ouders. Twee tips die ons destijds goed geholpen hebben:
    1. Klassieke muziek. Op slaperige momentjes lieten we het nummer al horen en uiteindelijk maakten we het lied onderdeel van de slaaproutine (heel zacht op de achtergrond). Zelfs nu ze 3 is en soms nog ‘s middags een slaapje doet, zetten we het nummer op. Het geeft haar rust en herkenning. Pachebel – Canon in D gebruiken wij.
    2. Een shirt van de moeder. Vertrouwd, bekende geur en altijd lekker kroelen in het doekje tijdens het slapen.
    Succes lieve mama’s!


    January 22, 2021

    Nog een goeie tip. Het ziet er heel lief en mooi uit. Een hemeltje/klamboe/sluier. Maar niet alle kindjes/babytjes kunnen hier tegen, het kan afleiden bij het in slaap vallen van je kindje. Ook in de nacht als je kindje wakker wordt kan dit afleiden voor het zelf terug in slaap vallen.

    (Uit ervaring deel ik dit).

    Sinds het hemeltje/klamboe boven zijn bedje weg is, slaapt hij makkelijk zelf in en ook de nachten gaan beter!

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