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Swaddling Made Easy

dicembre 22, 2020

Yumi Baby Swaddling

Swaddling has seen a resurgence in recent years. We understand why, it’s a great way to help your newborn baby sleep. We swaddled our own babies and it did wonders in helping to calm and soothe them at bedtime. If you are thinking about trying it but don’t know where to start you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we will explain when to swaddle, how to do it correctly and when to stop.

Swaddling is a preference and can help fussy sleepers relax. We strongly recommend you test it out while looking how your baby reacts. Some love it and others, well … not so much.

Swaddling simply means tightly wrapping your baby up in such a way that makes them feel secure, like being back in the womb all warm and cozy. In essence, you’re creating a baby burrito.

Nearly all health agencies agree that it is important to avoid having your baby sleep on their side or stomach, to avoid sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). When swaddling this is even more important, so when swaddling, make sure your baby is on their back.

5 easy steps to wrap a swaddle correctly:

    Step 1: Create a diamond shape and place your baby in the middle face up with their neck along the top edge
    Step 2: Gently hold your baby’s left arm down along their side. (If the arms are bent, he can wriggle out of the swaddle.) Take the blanket about 10-15 cm from his left shoulder and pull it down and across his body tightly, tucking it snugly underneath him on the opposite side.
    Step 3: Take the remaining corner, pull it tightly across baby’s body (again making sure the arm is straight), and tuck it snugly underneath her on the opposite side. Straight across the chest of your baby.
    Step 4: Now take the bottom material and wrap it up and tie it into a knot below your babies feet. Make sure to leave some room so your baby’s legs and feet can move around.
    Step 5: Double-check to make sure the swaddle is snug and the knot won’t unravel.

    We made this video to demonstrate the wrapping process, it was made before we changed our name to Yumi Baby – but the swaddling stays the same!


        Many parents also ask us when they should stop swaddling. There’s no set age but most health agencies agree that babies are ready to transition from the swaddle by 3 or 4 months. The rule here is, once your little one starts to move around in their sleep and try to roll over it’s best to stop swaddling.

        A great way to transition out of the swaddle is to use a sleep sack or sleeping bag. These products will still give your baby a feeling of comfort. Without having to use blankets and sheets, which active babies can kick off, leaving them to wake up cold and cranky.

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