Faq & Safety

Can I have a custom product made?

No, unfortunately that is not possible.

The product is sold out, will it be back in stock?

In general, everything will be back in stock until our print is running out of our collection. Then it will be mentioned with the article. When an item exactly comes back is unknown to us. This always takes about 1-4 weeks.

How can I wash my Yumi Baby products?

The specifications of our products describe how you can best wash your product. For most items, wash at 30/40 degrees. Textiles can shrink after washing for the first time. We do not recommend putting our products in the dryer.

How do you I knot my sling?

This is Nanda, Nanda is a babywearing consultant and shows in the video below how to tie your baby wrap safely.

How to use a sling

We are very proud of our new slings in the range. Exclusive designs that you only find with us. Our slings are made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. Our sling is a stretchy sling. The slings are suitable for babies up to about 10 kilos. Safety Safety is paramount at Yumi Baby. We recommend using a baby wrap consultant to carry your baby safely with our stretchy sling. There are many stories circulating on the internet that a stretchy wrap would be unsafe. We have had contact with a baby wrap consultant about this.



Yumi Baby stands for safety, quality and exclusivity. We choose the best fabrics and materials for our products, not the cheapest materials. Materials that are safe, breathable and free of toxic substances for your little one. Safety goes hand in hand with quality. All our baby nests are made by hand in a sewing workshop, filled and each item is carefully checked by us before we send it. We are also constantly improving our products in terms of design, quality and functionality. Our fabrics are produced in Europe and they are Oeko-tex certified. Our materials are free from toxic and toxic substances We use breathable fiber fill Sturdy mattress where your little one lies comfortably on any surface. After safety and quality you will find exclusivity with us. Exclusive prints and prints that we design ourselves. Designs that can be seen, which makes our products an eye-catcher. Because after all, the eye also wants something.


Is our stretchy sling dangerous?

Answer baby wrap consultant: 'No, a stretchable sling is not dangerous to life. You have to use it correctly. If you use it incorrectly, it can lead to dangerous situations. Just like with a car seat, if you transport your baby in it separately or if you do not properly secure the seat in the car, it can be dangerous. Still, no one calls car seats life-threatening? The point is that the baby is well supported, upright and with airways (nose, mouth) free, face visible, and the chin should not be able to lower on the chest. A baby is safe in a correctly knotted stretchy wrap. This applies to healthy and timely babies. Babies with a disorder or who are born prematurely require extra attention when tying. Quality wrap In the Netherlands there are no labels for baby slings. However, for baby carriers. Because there are no quality marks for slings, our slings cannot be inspected. You can always contact a wearing consultant for good advice, so that you can safely carry your little one. For example, she can also tell you that if the cloth stretches too much when your child grows a bit bigger, you should no longer use it. A babywearing consultant can advise you on how to safely tie the sling. You can also choose to get this from youtube / internet. Pay close attention because you will also find a lot of incorrect information on the internet, which is why we always advise a wearer. The video at the top of the page is from a wearer and therefore reliable.