Bamboo Cradle Lasse


Bamboo Cradle Lasse

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 (Yes, this bamboo crib will really become the eye-catcher in your nursery. The most beautiful place for your little one.

Delivery does include mattress.

Country of Origin: Vietnam

Bamboo is environmentally friendly
Bamboo is completely degradable and therefore not environmentally polluting. Because bamboo is a fast growing grass type and can be harvested more often, it is an ecologically responsible product. Every year new strains are produced by the mother plant that grow to an adult height in a short time.

The main advantages of bamboo are:

  • Bamboo has a long life, is hard, durable and durable
  • Due to the compact fiber structure, bamboo is harder than many other types of wood
  • Is very stable, due to little shrinkage / expansion
  • In clothing, bamboo is airy and cool
  • Bamboo thrives in both humid and dry conditions
  • Bamboo does not contain any toxic substances and does not cause allergies

Style your cradle with a beautiful canopy and our beautiful mattress covers and blankets. 


Delivery does include mattress (9 cm thick).

Colors may vary slightly from this photo.

 Always check your bed carefully after receive.

Why choose us?

Reason 1

Yumibaby develops products which are locally produced by people with a disability

Reason 2

Our products are unique. Designed in-house and produced with the best possible quality. 

Our Production

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Every modern organization knows the importance of sustainable business activities and the benefits for people, society and the environment. By outsourcing work to a social workplace, we give you a practical interpretation of our CSR policy, without compromising on quality and effectiveness.

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