Social Responsibility


At Yumi Baby we are focused on environmentally friendly production.  We manufacture as much as possible in the Netherlands in social workplaces that provide employment opportunities for people who have a difficult time entering the workforce.  We are proud to make a social contribution this way.

The employees in our production center are passionate and enthusiastic about their work and give 110% to deliver quality. It is fantastic for us to work with them to build our brand and provide these employment opportunities.

Our employees in the Netherlands cannot work under time pressure therefore, we don't mass produce. We recommend getting orders in early to avoid disappointment! :)

Unfortunately, it is not (yet) possible to produce everything at our facility in the Netherlands. In this case, we turn to other options.

For example, we source our Bamboo directly from a specialized manufacturer who works in a traditional village famous for their handicraft products. 


    We look for sustainable raw materials such as Bamboo and our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified.  Oeko-Tex fabrics have been tested for harmful substances and are safe for your little one and ecologically friendly.

    We Love Bamboo, it has a great look and is durable. Bamboo has a low impact on the environment and might just be the best 'tree' (technically it's a grass) to grow for wood use.

    Did you know:

    • Bamboo products are completely bio-degradable
    • Bamboo is a super plant and absorbs 5x more carbon dioxide and produces 35% more oxygen than similar trees.
    • Bamboo requires no pesticides and little water to grow
    • Bamboo grows extremely fast, up to 30cm per day and can be harvested often.
    • Once harvested, new shoots instantly spring up and a new plant takes it place
    • Bamboo as a finished product has a long life; due to the compact fiber structure bamboo is harder than many other types of wood and extremely durable with very little shrinkage or expansion of the wood itself.

    Fair Trade

    Yumi Baby produces as much as possible in the Netherlands, where we are proud to provide employment opportunities for those who have difficulties entering the regular labour market.

    Using Oeko-Tex certified fabric ensures that our suppliers have fair labour practices in place, such as limits on working hours, no child labour, and safe working conditions.

      Quality Products & Service

      At Yumi Baby we want you and your baby to enjoy our products and feel 100% satisfied with your purchase.

      Therefore, we have strict quality controls.

      • For example, our cribs and beds are made from Bamboo. As a natural product there is a chance of sharp edges.  We triple check each bed to ensure that there are no defects or sharp areas that might be harmful to a baby’s delicate skin.
      • Oeko-Tex certified fabric ensures no toxic chemicals are used in the production of the fabrics and must meet strict limits regarding unwanted residues


        Dutch production center